Scaling error suppression in small signal preamplifiers for vibration monitoring networks

Vitaly Morozov, Konstantin Alikin
Energy consumption reduction is of utmost importance for Internet of Things devices. This pertains especially to wireless sensor networks that have to run uninterruptedly for long periods of time, such as jerks and oscillation measurement systems used for earthquake registration or large building vibration monitoring. In these systems electronic data processing equipment is abundant. Lowering of the operating current and voltage in electronic equipment tends as a rule to increase the processing error. It is true particularly of the scaling amplifiers widely used in the course of data processing for preamplification of weak signals from analog sensors. In this paper, we propose an efficient method and corresponding circuit design for reproduction error suppression in scaling amplifier by the additional feedback loop. The implementation of additive negative feedback by error signal supports substantial total scaling error reduction. Experiments and simulation carried out demonstrated manifold error reduction by the proposed structure.