The Modeling of Resource Sharing for Heterogenous Data Streams over 3GPP LTE with NB-IoT Functionality

Sergey Stepanov, Mikhail Stepanov, Umer Andrabi, Juvent Ndayikunda
The model of resource allocation and sharing for conjoint servicing of real time video traffic of surveillance cameras and NB-IoT data traffic of smart meters and actuators over LTE cell facilities is constructed. In the model the access control is used to create the conditions for differentiated servicing of coming sessions. All random variables used in the model have exponential distribution with corresponding mean values but the obtained results are valid for models with arbitrary distribution of service times. Using the model the main performance measures of interest are given with help of values of probabilities of model's stationary states. The recursive algorithm of performance measures estimation is suggested. The model and derived algorithms can be used for study the scenarios of resource sharing between heterogeneous data streams over 3GPP LTE with NB-IoT functionality.