Wireless Sensor Network for Intensive Data Collection Based on LoRaWAN Technology and Distributed Data Compression Algorithm

Yury Rassadin, Sergey Dushin
In the paper a way to build a wireless sensor network based on LoRaWAN technology is considered. The proposed approach allows to increase the intensity of data collection compared to standard implementations of LoRaWAN network and save energy efficiency of wireless sensors. The main feature of the network is the edge computing algorithm of distributed data compression. Higher data collection rates are achieved along with acceptable level of energy efficiency for autonomous operation of sensors and low load of the physical communication channel. The effectiveness of the proposed solution has been illustrated by the created network of temperature sensors used for intensive temperature measurement in the problem of identifying the topology of the office building heating system. The network is based on open source software, ChirpStack server, LoRaWAN end-device stack from Semtech and additional modules developed by the authors.