Development and investigation of the IMT-2020 model network using MEC and Voice Assistant technologies

Maria Makolkina, Nikolay Shypota, Andrey Koucheryavy
Humanity is at a new stage in the development of information and computer technologies. The digitalization of most areas of activity creates a contradiction. On the one hand, to start the operation of the device, you must promptly enter information. Only the information entered by the user, allows the software agent to perform tasks. On the other hand, the technological diversity of modern devices requires new complex skills from the user. Consequently, the search for a solution to the problem of the quick introduction of information by a person without special and long-term preparation becomes relevant. The technology of voice input of information makes it possible to solve this problem. It underlies the work of virtual voice assistants, the use of which is constantly growing. The paper developed a simulation model using voice assistants (VA) based on software-defined (SDN) networks and mobile edge computing (MEC) technology. The analysis of the scope of voice assistants. An experimental study is given of the influence of the dependence of the execution time of processes and the total delay on the method of processing speech information of devices. The dependence of the total delay on the type of traffic and computing device for the final processing of packets.