Flexible Random Early Detection Algorithm for Queue Management in Routers

Aminu Adamu, Vsevolod Shorgin, Yuliya Gaidamaka
Active Queue Management (AQM) schemes are normally used to manage congestion in routers. Many existing AQM schemes are yet to provide stable performance under different traffic load situations, therefore, in this paper, AQM scheme called Flexible Random Early Detection (FXRED) is proposed in order to address such shortcoming. Unlike other AQM schemes, FXRED auto tune its drop pattern based on the current network’s traffic load condition. Additionally, flexibility of FXRED makes it possible to switch to the operational mode of different AQM schemes suitable to the current network’s traffic load condition (while retaining their advantages and avoiding their shortcomings). Results of the experiments conducted have shown that regardless of traffic load’s fluctuation, FXRED provides optimal performance and efficiently manages the queue.