Dynamic Algorithm for Building Future Networks Based on Intelligent Core Network

Abdukodir Khakimov, Konstantin Samouylov, Ammar Muthanna
6G/IMT-2030 is designed to provide users with innovative speeds of terabit per second, which are proposed to be achieved using a number of advanced technologies, such as Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), Internet of Things (IoT), millimeter wave (mmWave), new radio and software de ned networking. It is necessary to solve several important aspects in order to satisfy Quality of Service (QoS), rst of all, to ensure network coverage density even in sparsely populated areas. In this paper we proposed software de ned network based mobile edge computing dynamic algorithm for improving network performance. In addition, this algorithm can help the service provided to adapt with a required load on the radio links. Furthermore, local content caching and Local Internet Breakout (LIB) can be utilized to reduce the transport network requirements. Finally, the proposed algorithm is analyzed using some use cases and we developed testbed to emulate operator infrastructure.