Crystal-Ball and Magic Wand Combined: Predicting Situations and Making them Happen

Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky(Australia)

The Internet of Things (IoT) envisions an ecosystem in which everyday objects are enhanced with sensing, computation, and communication capabilities. These ‘smart’ devices (i.e., IoT devices) can sense and collect considerable amounts of data and share it with each other via the Internet. This paper proposes an IoT middleware platform enhanced with context- and situation-prediction capability, called Context-Prediction-as-a-Service (CPaaS). CPaaS offers real-time context prediction capabilities to a variety of IoT applications as a service and enables more effective decision support using relevant validated dependable information. A number of use cases where CPaaS can be deployed are also discussed.

About the speaker

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Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky

  • Deakin University,
    Distributed Systems & Security

Dr Zaslavsky is a Professor of Distributed Systems & Security at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Arkady is leading and participating in R&D projects in Internet of Things, mobile analytics and context-awareness science areas. He was a technical leader of the EU Horizon-2020 project bIoTope – building IoT Open Innovation Ecosystem for connected smart objects.

Professor Arkady Zaslavsky holds Adjunct-Professorship appointments with a number of Australian and International universities, including La Trobe University, University of Luxembourg and ITMO University, StPetersburg.

Arkady Zaslavsky has published more than 400 research publications throughout his professional career and supervised to completion more than 45 PhD students. Arkady Zaslavsky is a Senior Member of ACM, a Senior Member of IEEE Computer and Communication Societies.